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Seaplane Pilots Association Australia

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Seaplane ‘Code of Operation’

Seaplane Pilots Association Australia


Members of SPAA, in the interests of promoting safety and the respectful use of airspace and waterways, agree to adhere to the following Code of Operations as a guideline and general policy for the operation of Seaplanes in Australia.

SPAA members will: 

  • Adhere to Australian Civil Aviation Legislation.
  • Observe State, Federal and International laws relating to the safe operation of marine craft whilst operating a Seaplane on the water.
  • Be considerate of others, and use fly neighbourly and noise abatement procedures when appropriate.
  • Adhere to see and avoid principles, in the air and on the water. 
  • Operate within personal and aircraft limits. 
  • Always strive for the highest standards of pilotage and airmanship. 
  • Provide assistance to persons or vessels in distress, as long as it is safe to do so.



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