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Training to become a seaplane pilot can be the most exciting and life-changing step you take in flying. The Seaplane Pilots association of Australia attempts to keep an up to date listing of current instructors and training organisations that provide float, floating hull and amphibious training and endorsement. SPAA makes no judgement on the suitability of the listed individuals and organisations for your particular requirements or the quality of their programs.  We recommend you meet and talk with potential trainers who interest you in order to determine their suitability for your needs.  If possible, talk with others who have used their services. Please keep in mind that you will be spending many hours sitting along side your instructor in what can at times be tense situations, so always consider how easily you relate to the instructor as well as how competent they are in training.  While we try to keep this list up to date  we will appreciate any feedback from you in regard to new training organisations or any that have ceased operation.

Floating Hull Endorsement Training - NT

Name of Business:        N/A                                     

Contact Person:             Daniel Bolton

Title:                               Instructor

Phone Contact:              Mb: 0417 156 128

Aircraft:                           LA4-200 Lake Buccaneer

Business activity:            Commercial Seaplane Pilot, Grumman Mallard Captain, Full Floating Hull Endorsement or "Seaplane Pilot for a day" courses available

Web address:                 http://www.thatmallardguy.com/flight-training

Email:                             dan@thatmallardguy.com

Float Alighting Gear - NSW 

Name of Business:        Sydney By Seaplane                                      

Contact Person:             Steve Krug

Title:                               Owner/Chief Pilot

Phone Contact:              Mb: 0411 704 650

Alternate Ph:                  1300 720 995

Reservations:                  In Australia: 1300 720 995 or 1300 656 787

Administration and          (International: +61 2 9974 1455)

   Bookings:                     (02) 9974 1455 

Fax:                                (02) 9974 1466

Postal Address:              PO Box 129, Newport Beach, NSW, 2106, Australia 

Aircraft:                           DHC-2A Beaver Amphibian VH-SWB

Business activity:            Charter/Tourism, Endorsement and re-currency training

Web address:                 www.sydneybyseaplane.com

Email:                             info@sydneybyseaplane.com



Name of Business:         Sydney Seaplanes              

Title:                                Head of Training and Checking

Phone Contact:               1300 732 752

Aircraft:                           DHC-2 Beaver X 1, C208 Caravan x 3

Business activity:            Charter/Tourism, Endorsement, re-currency training, BFR’s

Web address:                 http://www.seaplanes.com.au/about-us/float-training/

Email:                             reservations@seaplanes.com.au

Name of Business:         South Coast Seaplanes

Contact Person:              Tim Gilbo

Title:                                Chief Pilot

Phone Contact:               0409 568 568

Reservations:                  1300 359 356

Aircraft:                           Maule M5-235C, SeaRey Amphibian

Business activity:            Charter/Tourism, Endorsement, re-currency training

Web address:                http://www.southcoastseaplanes.com.au

Email:                            tim@southcoastseaplanes.com.au

Float Alighting Gear - SA

Name of Business:         Adelaide Biplanes

Contact Person:              Martyn Smith

Title:                                Oner/Chief Pilot

Phone Contact:               (08) 8556 5404

Other Contact Person:   Gaylene Smith

Phone Contact:              Mb: 0422 519 355

Postal Address:             PO Box 798, Willunga, SA, 5172, Australia 

Aircraft:                          Piper Super Cub PA-18 160 on Wipline 2100 Amphibious Floats

Business activity:           Recreational and General Aviation Training from Ab-Initio to Commercial.

Float, Multi Engine, Instrument, Aerobatic, Tailwheel Training.

Charter/Tours, Biplane Scenic and Aerobatic Joy Flights

Web address:                 www.adelaidebiplanes.com.au

Email:                             flythedream@adelaidebiplanes.com.au

Float Alighting Gear -  VIC 

Name of Business:          Melbourne Seaplanes Pty Ltd

Contact Person:              Brett Audas 

Title:                                Owner

Phone Contact:               Mb: 0414 260 603 

Postal Address:              Williamstown Victoria 

Aircraft:                           Cessna C185 

Business activity:            Charter/Tourism, Endorsement and re-currency training

Web address:                 www.melbourneseaplanes.com.au

Email:                             bookings@melbourneseaplanes.com.au



Floating Hull -  NSW 

Name of Business:  Aerofloat

Contact person:  James Stewart

Title:  Owner CFI

Phone/contact:  0419424127

Alternate 'phone (02) 99491909

Reservtions: 0419424127

Posstal Address:  23 Monash Crescent, Clontarf NSW 2093

Aircraft: Super Petrel LSA

Email:  flyingboatz@bigpond.com

Name of Business:           SeaRey Australia                             
Contact Person:               Rob Loneragan

Phone Contact:                Mob 0411 816 300 or (02) 8003 3130

International:                   +61 411 816 300 or +61 2 8003 3130 

Postal Address:                Hangar 273 Bankstown Airport NSW 2200.

Aircraft:                            SeaRey Amphibian

Business activity:             Australian New Zealand Distributor - SeaRey Amphibian

Web address:                  http://www.searey.com.au

Email:                              rob@searey.com.au


Float Alighting Gear - QLD or AUS

Name of Business:         N/A

Contact Person:             Daniel Bolton

Title:                                Instructor 

Phone Contact:               0417156128

Aircraft:                          DHC-2 Beaver through Air Whitsunday Seaplanes or privately through your company or your own aircraft

Business activity:          Commercial Seaplane Pilot

Web address:                

Email:                           Danny_221289@hotmail.com

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